New Short Story - "Three Sheets to the Wind"

Old barfly Marvin Sinclair never had much in life, but as fate would have it, he caught the eye of the young and beautiful Jan. They fell in love, married and now live in bliss – or so he thought!

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Looking for something other than suck books? Drive a stake through those vampire novels. Let Paul Worthington guide you to short stories that are like "mini movies." His books engage readers more than the average 400 page crime novel. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself.

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About Paul Worthington

Ever since I could talk, I was telling stories. I told them to my 11-piece family, friends and teachers, and eventually, to anyone who would listen. It got to the point that if any one of us were bored, they would ask me to make up and tell a story, which would keep us entertained for hours.

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